Friday, March 9, 2012

Making A Change!

National Nutrition Month

Way back when, our parents and grand-parents day, they had no video games, cable TV, and no computers. FAST FOOD restaurants, you gotta be kidding me! There were few of those around and they sure did not have 1 on every corner.

Most of their time was spent outdoors riding bikes, creating outdoor games, climbing trees and eating from the family garden. We surly cannot say that for the kids growing up today. Kids today watch an average of 20-30 hours of T.V. a week; we can average that out to the amount of time spent in school learning. Kids that eat fast food consume an average of 187 more calories a day. Childhood Obesity does exist! Let’s start changing the numbers NOW not LATER.

Parents we have to be a role model for our kids. Get out and get fit! Start with small steps take the kids from in front of the T.V. and do a learning activity, get them involved in the kitchen as you prepare meals, take them outside for at least 20-30 minutes a day 5 days a week. With this, we are creating an environment of taking care of your mind, body and health. Who said rewards were a bad thing?? Encourage and reward your kid’s physical activity with outings, games, and or equipment related to different activities.

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