Let's Get Crafty

Here are some great baking ideas where they kids get involved 2!! Our cupcake version of "deviled eggs" are not just for show and tell, you must have one to enjoy. They are also wonderful for anyone with an egg allergy. They are egg-less cupcakes still made to taste great. Simply made with; yellow cake mix, white icing and filled with yellow frosting.
These are blondies made with the cupcake molds and food colored cream cheese frosting for the decorations.
Here we have bunny shaped ice cubes in lemonade, the kids loved this. What a great kiddie drink refresher! Simply made with; grape juice placed in the molds then in the freezer for 1 /2 hours-2 hours to freeze and then add to your favorite drink.
Check out some of the cupcakes our kids designed.
To make our cupcakes we used these pans from Target:

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