Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch Your Mouth There Is A Recorder Around! KIDS

So my lovely sister decided that my 23 month old should take a ride with her. In the beginning that sounded like a wonderful idea, she was out of my hair for at least the next 3 hours. All of a sudden my cell phone begins to ring. What do I think just a random call my sister wants to CHAT. NOT! She wants to tell me that someone cut her off in traffic. The phone call at this point is still a little normal. The call gets better my sister proceeds to tell me that she yelled “Oh Hell NO”. Just as you are thinking she is only talking to me. Yet again NOT! There was a little recorder in the backseat sitting securely in her car seat who happens to be my 23 month old daughter. She repeated verbatim with expression “Oh HELLLL NO”. This has truly become a problem in my house. She records everything, every single word, phrase, sentence, expression and sometimes we even think she gets our THOUGHTS.
I sit back and think I can’t be the only person dealing with this. Cursing should never be done around your children if at all but guess what I am HUMAN and I make mistakes just like the next person. I’ve noticed that as long as we don't react when she says the bad word she won’t say it. The bad part is that she has been saying it for about a month and I just got that yesterday:)
If you can relate to this then you understand what I am going through. She is driving the entire house crazy repeating everything her older sisters say making it impossible for them to get a sentence out without her butting in trying to keep up with what they are saying. Thank you NICK Jr, for my reinforcement of good words, well not totally NICK Jr I have to give credit where credit is due. THANK YOU TO MY ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD…LOL
PROBLEM solved yes and no. She still manages to take rides with her AUNTIE, but auntie is on high alert that she is not always only talking on the cell phone to one person. The RECORDER is always listening.
Doesn’t she look innocent?


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    1. You are definately not alone. I'm sure every parent has said something around the kids not realizing the consequence. But you can't help but laugh at the kids by the way they repeat these words or phrases. They are dead on as if they really know what they are saying. Gotta love those babies.

  2. That is my best friend and she can't help her self at this point. She is still learning. You are very correct in saying watch what we say in the presence of our children. All of my children use bad language. But in the presence of the law (my mother) they use the utmost respect. Just know that this is only the beginning. There will be worse things than that to come. By the way love the blog. Keep it going. Brown Mommies rule the world. To answer your question "Doesn't she look innocent?" My answer is yes.

  3. Brown mommies rule the it!

    Thanks for reading! Loving the comments.