Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 The Neighborhood "Our Spotlight"

We would like to welcome you into the lives of 2 lovely young ladies and of course wonderful mothers who enjoy helping to capture the moment where girls get to be princesses. Jasmine and Tania have been “girly girls” as early as they can remember. Between the two of them they have 5 little princesses who now get to experience the "girly girl" factor as they did. Giving other little princesses the opportunity to smile and be dressed as a princess brings them nothing but joy.
Jasmine and Tania have now extended the “girly girl” factor into every home where there lives a little princess. Please check out their website and facebook fan page for some of the items pictured below as well as many other items for purchase.
Stop by their Facebook Fan Page. Don't forget to hit the LIKE button!!!! Tell them Toni & Karesa sent you:)


  1. U forgot the "e" in Facebook, for their link.

    1. Thank you for the notification of the web link error, this error has been fixed.

      Toni & Karesa

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