Thursday, May 17, 2012

Text/Instant Messaging 2: Would You PASS?

Let’s go back into time when you were an adolescent/teenager. How did we communicate with our parents, friends, family members and general people? We surely did not have cell phones; well at least the vast majority of us did not have one. May be a pager (BLEEP: BLEEP) but that’s about it, heck we just made the era of call waiting, 3-way call and caller ID. Caller ID/Call waiting still did not come for some time after that. We had the opportunity to play around with e-mail in our early teenage years, but communicating then is nothing of how it is now. If you were one of the ones to have a cell phone for this blog’s sake well just call you FORTUNATE.
My oldest daughter is 9 years old getting ready to turn 10. I have been up in arms about getting her a cell phone. It almost seems as if I can’t go without getting her one. She has a very active life in which I am apart of 100%, so I just have to decide YES or THE END..
My job passed out these text/instant messaging quizzes and of COURSE I FAILED. I only knew the ones I taught my mother because she is in dinosaur times RIGHT? WRONG? After taking this quiz I am in dinosaur times myself. I think I may have made it through like 15 of the 65. Please don’t think there are only 65 codes. REALLY? I went on several websites listed on the paper to find that there are hundreds of codes. I am treading DEEP WATERS trying to keep up. Looking at all the codes out there I need a weekly training to keep up. I think as PARENTS we are obligated to keep up with what our children are getting involved in. There is a time and a place to be a parent and a place and time to be a FRIEND. When it comes to the safety of our children we should be parents 210% and more of the time.
Depending on your age if you were asked how you communicated as a teenager would defer from the teenagers in 2012. The overall percentage of teen’s texting is 75%. This simply tells me that this is one of the most used forms of communicating for teenagers today. Check out the list below on a few text/instant messaging lingos. How many did you get right? Be sure to leave a comment in the comment area and let us know.
These are just a few that I wanted to share with you. Be sure to check out the following website for more text/instant messaging codes/lingo.


  1. Great post. It surely reminds us that we are OLD!!! But, you're right, we do have to make sure we are staying up with the times so we can keep up with what's going on with our kids. I think she does NOT need a cell phone right now. Like you said, you're with her 100% of the time. You have a house phone, tell her to use that!

    Btw, I only got 8 right. :(

  2. I really could only figure out let's just say I need a training class in text/instant messaging codes. I am so far off track..LOL (really didn't know what this meant for awhile). Everyone, especially PARENTS need to know the lingo.. Good Luck

  3. WOW! I thought I was up with the times... Thanks for the wake up call.... Lol... I'm going to get my homework done! Haha... I need to know everything my kids write and text! I only got 9 right... Guess I'm not as hip and cool as I thought... I think 10 is a little young for a cell phone especially if she is always with you... My daughter had a phone at 9... Not because I wanted her to but because her dad and I just can't stomach each other (sad but true) but she only had out for a few months because he demanded too much from her and I felt she was too young for that so I returned it to him myself... She is now on her way to 12 and I think she may ask for a phone soon...well, have a great day you guys... I have some code studying to do... Ttyl! Lol ;)