Friday, June 29, 2012

Can't believe this happened to me...I mean him...

About 3 months ago, I noticed my 2yr old scratching his head – it felt like every 5 minutes he was scratch scratch scratch – I thought it was weird so bath time was early. I’m combing out his hair I see things that look like dandruff. I thought oh that must be why he’s scratching so much. So I washed his hair every day, which is really not an easy task. (For a boy who doesn’t like to be dirty, he sure hates taking baths…I guess it’s a boy thing…anyone else have this issue??) I'm combing out and washing out the dandruff and I did this for a week straight. The following week, I am combing thru his hair again, and thought I saw something crawling around. So I kept going thru the hair…yup sure enough, there they were staring me down, LICE. OMG OMG OMG!!! I am freakin' out! UGH!I squeamishly picked every last one of them things out, a few here, a few there, spread throughout his scalp… thinking that would be the end of it… WRONG! I read up on any and everything I could get my hands on about these pesky little things. I've never had to deal with this for me or my siblings. The “dandruff” that I was washing out every day, they were actually Nits (lice eggs). I bought every Licefree ® product I could find. I sprayed and combed thru his hair every day/night and washed every other day. I washed all the linens and vacuumed everything else that couldn’t be washed. His stuffed toys were put in a sealed plastic bag just in case anything was transferred to Buzz Light Year and Woody. I also treated my husband and daughter just in case. When I first used the spray, it got rid of the lice, but not all of the nits. I had to go thru each strand of hair on his head to remove what I could see. I did this for 2 weeks straight. After that I saw very little activity – just a few nits here and there. The next two weeks sprayed and washed with the Licefree ® every 3-4 days, but combed every day. And the last two weeks, I sprayed and washed with Licefree ®once a week. I have not seen a single lice or nit since. Yes, very embarrassing at first, but I am sharing because it wasn’t shared with me. Be proactive and positive about the situation. What I’ve learned, lice has nothing to do with how clean or dirty a person or household may be. Lice is much like a common cold, if your child is in daycare or school, they are more likely to bring it home and share with the rest of the household. Even though the combing and washing and picking were tedious, I am sooo happy I didn’t have to cut his hair. I stuck with the regimen and I fixed the problem. Just look at that face!!! It was definitely worth it to see this smile!!! Meet James! ~ Karesa ~

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  1. Awww man, I know how I get. I would had have AJ do that lol. Glad thats over with